I had a rare blood disease. The kind that gets worse as you get older. They ran test after test. They told me I wouldn’t live to be 21. I cried myself to sleep most nights at the hospital. I thought of all the places I would never visit, the stories I would never tell.

The new blood saved my life.

It came from an anonymous donor at the same time every day. Special delivery - no questions asked. I came to love the sight of that little package the nurse carried. To get a second chance was beyond words, beyond my wildest hopes.

I pledged to find out who on this earth would sacrifice dangerous levels of their own blood in order to save a stranger’s life. I hunted high and low. What I found was both beautiful and frightening. A secret society hardly anyone knew existed. A network of non-humans, right under our feet.

Best of all, I discovered that monsters are real.

My name is Yasmin Silver. This is my story.


Monsters are returning to the world. Creatures not seen since the Dark Ages.

A new age has begun and threatens to bring human civilization to its knees.

The mysterious Society is pledged to protect humans at all costs.

Three figures loom as key players in the gathering chaos.

Her terminal disease cured by wolf’s blood, the angel-like YASMIN SILVER falls in love with her lycan savior. She also attracts much interest from the wider lycan community - there is much more to her lineage than meets the eye. Is she one of the pack or something far, far worse?

Feisty lycan operative FLORENCE UNDERWOOD prowls the New York city streets in the service of her kin. When the Lycan Society is attacked by a vicious guild known only as the Berlin Club, Florence’s knack for survival meets the ultimate test.

An expert in the global phenomenon known as the Flux, TOMAS VERDANO works tirelessly to unlock the secrets of lycan biology. Under crushing pressure from the Berlin Club, Tomas accidentally creates an abomination with the ability to kill lycans …

HEARTS ON FIRE is the first in a series of urban fantasy epics with a dark, romantic twist.

Steven J Shelley

Copyright (c) 2020 Steven J Shelley

All Rights Reserved