Charley Silverton is a peasant girl from a barren, arid planet. She has no job, no money, no prospects.

Until she meets a mysterious man in the middle of the desert. Bleeding to death, he takes a shine to Charley and tells her the location of his treasure vault hidden in the mountains. Claiming to be a space pirate, he also gifts her his weapons - plasma pistols, a saber and a belt full of explosive pellets.

Energized by the fresh ray of hope in her life, Charley escapes her dead-end town and finds the vault. Inside she finds an astounding collection of exotic artifacts, but is it enough to get her off-planet?

THE PIRATE GUILD is an epic space adventure you won't be able to put down.

Steven J Shelley

Copyright (c) 2020 Steven J Shelley

All Rights Reserved